Our Story - The Beginning

If you made it this far, Thank you!

We are building this web site for you.  We learned a lot on our journey and would love to share our story with you.

If you are ready, grab a beverage and sit back and enjoy our story.



Where to begin...

A little background is needed.  My family consists of me, Matt, my partner of 20+ years, our son(12) and daughter(8).

In my youth we did tent and RV camping with my grandparents and various friends.  As an adult I took my family tent camping to Knoebels campground located in Elysburg, PA.  It was fun other than the tent camping part. I knew then that I never needed to have that experience again.  

Fast forward to 2020, my mother, the last of my parents passed away in March.  My siblings went through the various task associated with handling estate affairs and all of the emotions that come with it.

My sister and her family had a lot more camping experience than me, taking their family camping across the states into various terrains and climate.  They had long desired to camp in an RV for various reasons and shared this with my family.  We mutually discussed the possibilities of buying an RV and them buying the truck to pull the RV.  After little deliberation, we decided to start looking at RVs.  Mind you, none of us had experience with RV camping from end to end.  It was quite daunting, but we decided to trek ahead.

We literally shopped at one place.  Mind you, this was in the midst of COVID and supply was slim to nothing.  We picked the largest RV there, which was a used 2019, Shasta Oasis 26db.  This means it is 26 feet long and has a double bed bunk.

The camper was and is in great condition.  We have a queen bed in our master, two double bunks in the rear, a full bath and kitchen.  There is a jack knife couch which transforms into a double bed and the dinette, which changes into a twin.

We knew immediately that this was a fit.  We signed the deal and picked the camper up a few days later.

Now, what on earth do we need to have our maiden voyage?

Stay tuned for the next chapter in our journey to RV camping.


Chris Helm

Written by Chris Helm